A unified build system#

At the core of Umii’s software stack is a single monolithic repository that is built to contain your entire application code.


In a Monorepo, all your projects use the same tools and are built by the same build system.

  • All projects, even if managed by different teams, adhere to the same set of organization-specific coding conventions. New conventions can easily be implemented across all projects.

  • Since tools are shared among all projects, an upgrade to a tool is automatically available to all your projects.

  • Maintaining backwards-compatibility for internal projects becomes obsolete since every project uses the latest version of all organization-internal dependencies.

  • Developers can focus on improving the actual application instead of having to maintain 10 different versions of the same code.

Builds in Umii’s monorepo are incremental and reproducible per default.

  • Reproducible builds harden the build infrastructure against human error and malicious attacks.

  • Incremental builds trade expensive compilation time for cheap disk space by caching build results and reusing already built targets whenever possible. Caching can easily speed up build times by 40x and more.


Techical Details

The Monorepo is a single git repository that is integrated with the Bazel build system.

The current version of the monorepo comes with preconfigured rules for eomiiOS’s native compiler toolchains, linters and testing tools for targets written in C, C++, Go, Rust and Python.

Cross-compilation toolchains for ARM64 and Risc-V edge devices are under construction.