The Umii software development infrastructure#

Umii is a collection of development, deployment and monitoring tools that enables modern, highly automated development workflows.


We built eomiiOS, a source-based operating system intended to get the maximum performance out of high-spec computers that run demanding workloads such as code compilation and deep learning model training.


Our monolithic skeleton repository is easy to jump into and comes with modern toolchains and automation tools that help you write and build better code, faster.


Automatically package your code using lean, secure containerization tools that are up to 50 times more efficient than conventional methods.


Modern development workflows require modern deployment workflows. We provide a full cloud infrastructure that comes with easy-to-use monitoring tools and automated deployment systems.


We are in the process of building a secure lightweight operating system for edge devices such as AI inference servers and IoT devices.

Technical Details

Infoboxes such as this one contain technical details on the inner workings of the Umii infrastructure. They can safely be ignored by most readers.