In order to get the most out of your hardware, we created eomiiOS, a source-based operating system that is specifically built to run the Umii infrastructure.


Source-based means that every program you install is tailored to your hardware and your requirements.

  • Programs built for the specific hardware they run on are unconstrained by legacy compatibility requirements.

  • Modern compilers produce faster, more secure code. We have seen performance improvements of up to 30% on the exact same code, just from using modern compilers that leverage hardware-specific optimizations.

  • Being in control of the compilation process means we can easily use modern testing methodologies such as runtime sanitizers and automated fuzz testing.

  • Compiling from source means being independent from intermediary third-party binary providers. Get the latest versions of the software that really matters to you months before third party providers update their binaries.

Technical Details

eomiiOS uses the GNU basline tools. We use the Portage package manager, configured to use a Clang/LLVM toolchain per default. An optional gcc toolchain is available for for incompatible targets such as glibc.

The Linux kernel is compiled from the latest stable mainline release, using a configuration that fulfills container-based virtualization and networking requirements.

GPU drivers and CPU microcode are set up from binaries as they are only distributed in binary form by hardware vendors.

System-wide SELinux integration is under construction.